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      ZWZ Group Precision Spherical Roller Bearing Company has a new title: green factory
      For the implementation of the "made in China 2025", in-depth implementation of green manufacturing projects, accelerating the construction of green manufacturing system, taking the lead in building a batch of advanced typical green manufacturing, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology determined the first batch of green manufacturing demonstration list in 2017, 201 factories, ZWZ Group precision spherical roller bearing company on the list, is the only one who won this award for the bearing industry.

      ZWZ Group precision spherical roller bearings company has advanced technology, reliable equipment guarantee, perfect facilities, stable quality system, lean manufacturing mode, product quality achieved the domestic leading level. The company has passed the environmental impact assessment report form, the clean production audit and so on, with a strong sense of environmental protection achieved green factory this title.
      Update time:2018-04-27 16:46:09